To attract a high quality man, you need to be a high quality woman!

To attract a high quality man, you need to be a high quality woman!

Every woman wants to attract quality men into her life, men who prove that chivalry is far from being dead.

However, it often happens that although men do show signs of interest (not necessarily sexual!) in a woman, they sometimes fail to commit.  If this has happened to you too, then you have certainly asked yourself what are the reasons – sometimes, they are afraid to commit, while other times the problem is actually with you.

Men need more time to fall in love than women do, but once they do, it tends to last.  That being said, if you are committed to attracting quality men into your life and keeping the bad ones at bay, here you will find several useful tips on how to do just that, and how to pursue a love-filled, long- lasting relationship:

1. Know What Makes Your Mr. Right

The first and most important aspect you need to pay attention to is: what makes your Mr. Right?

Each woman has her own image of how her “knight in shining armor” should look and act like, and you need to know what you are looking for if you really want to get into a serious relationship.

If you aim for a long- term relationship based on love and mutual respect, then you certainly aim for a honest man, a man of integrity, one who is independent and who knows very well what he wants, both from his life and from his future partner.

2. Know What Mr. Right Is Looking For And Be That Woman!

Mr. Right should never be shallow. Of course, he will have some physical preferences just like any other human being (and there is nothing wrong with that), but he will never allow himself to be led only by those shallow aspects.

Mr. Right should appreciate a woman’s intellect, her ambition and her desire of being honest and able to respect her man, to make him feel appreciated. Mr. Right will always look for a strong woman who will help him achieve his dreams and goals – and vice-versa!

Your ideal man will always look for a woman who feels very comfortable in her own skin, who does not try to prove anything to anybody, and who does not want to be the center of attention every time. If you are comfortable, independent and, most importantly, confident in your qualities, then you will attract a quality man into your life.

f you want a man who is on your wavelength, then you must be sure that you are somebody’s Mrs. Right in the first place. That being said, if you have high standards and expectations from the man next to you, make sure you can offer the same things in return!

3. Don’t Play Games

Games are for children and teenagers who do not know what they want from their partner. Your Mr. Right should never play games with you, and you should never play the jealousy card with them either.

Of course, some teasing and playing can take both of you a long way, but your love should be like a “tango” where each dancer takes the lead every now and then. If you pay attention to these useful tips, you will attract a quality man into your life easier than you think.