Use dirty words and phrases to intensify his sexual desire for you!

Use dirty words and phrases to intensify his sexual desire for you!

“Talk dirty to me!”

Four words you might hear from a man that can stop you dead in your tracks if you haven’t yet mastered the art of dirty talk.  And, yet, four words you can’t wait to hear when you know exactly what to say and how to say it to drive your man wild both in and out of the bedroom.

By learning how to talk dirty to a guy, you can trigger a physical and emotional response from your man without even touching him.  Dirty talk works so extremely well with men because it validates their sexual prowess.  When they know it’s coming from the woman they love or are incredibly attracted to, it can drive them absolutely crazy.

There is one universal male archetype that every man wants to be, and that’s the sexy rockstar. You know, that incredibly hot and talented rockstar who has women throwing their panties at him – yeah, that man. If you think your math whiz boyfriend doesn’t even think about wanting to be this man, then you’re in for a surprise.

Believe me, he wants to be a sex-magnet.

If you want your man to perform better under the sheets and have him desperately longing for you and only you, here are 3 naughty dirty talk phrases that will do exactly that:

1. You’re f—— amazing!

As you’re making love, moan this phrase to him. You can say: You’re f——- hard, big, hot, long, good….any adjective that can describe his pleasurable penis.  The more explicit the word, the better.

If you’re uncomfortable saying the f-word, then you can just use the word “so” as in…

  • You’re sooo amazing!
  • You’re sooo BIG!
  • You’re sooo hard!

To ramp it up even more, add an “Oh My God!” to the beginning of it….”Oh my God! You’re sooo BIG!”

Men just love it when you tell them how good they’re making you feel.  This type of phrase strokes a man’s ego, and it makes him feel incredibly masculine to know he’s having such a pleasurable effect on you…and that you recognize just how awesome his penis is!

Don’t be surprised if you can feel him getting bigger and harder right inside of you as you moan one of the phrases above.

Knowing how to talk dirty to a guy isn’t something that comes naturally for a lot of women, but one thing that really helped me was an online course called the Language of Desire by Felicity Keith.  Not only does LOD provide a lot of great dirty talk words, phrases, and texts, but it also really helps you understand the sexual psychology of men, and it gives you more than 30 hot and dirty techniques like Verbal Viagra, Pavlov’s Erection, the Madonna Moan, and Tease Intensifiers that work amazing to get a guy hot and bothered for you.

Don’t be shy and don’t hold back.  Use the dirtiest words you can think of when you tell him how amazing he is at making love to you.  Give him the sexual validation he desperately wants.

2. Don’t Stop!

Harder! More! Right there! Keep going!  Do it again!

Feel free to add in curse words and the kinkiest things you can say to tell him you’re having the time of your life and you don’t ever want it to end.

Telling him how much you’re enjoying his lovemaking will absolutely make him want to satisfy you more and more. The number one thing men want in the bedroom is an enthusiastic partner – so go ahead and tell him all the things he’s doing right and that you don’t want him to stop.

3. I Want More!

For substitutes, you can also say, “I can’t get enough,” or “I want all of you!”, “I’m so turned on right now!”

Showing him that you’ve become a sex-craved vixen for him is the ultimate compliment you can give. And say these things out of the bedroom, too.

When you’re at work, you can give him a call or text him that you want some loving tonight. Or if you’re out of town, tell him you can’t wait to get home and rip his clothes off.

Feeding his ego outside the bedroom tells him that your day got distracted by sexy thoughts of him. And this will definitely catch him by surprise.

Dirty words and phrases have a magical effect on men.  Learn how to talk dirty to a guy by saying the right sexy things in the right way, and you’ll get him hooked on you both sexually and emotionally, all while experiencing more pleasure and fun for both of you!