woman sending her boyfriend a text

One of the best ways to get your ex back is through text messages.

Texting is a phenomenon which, within a very short time frame, has become a massive global force. Literally revolutionizing the way people communicate, the practice of texting has important social and cultural implications, many of which are still being discovered and explored. One area where the impact of texting is already quite vast and obvious is in our romantic relationships – particularly among teenagers and young adults.

A 2011 study found that both the relatively innocuous practice of texting and its more explicit cousin, sexting, were common in a sample of 744 college students in romantic relationships.  The study also observed that text messaging was more common between couples with secure attachments, whereas sexting was more common between those with insecure attachment and commitment avoidance.

While this might be interesting, how does it help you get back together with your ex? As it turns out, the humble text message might be a potent force for reigniting relationships. It may even be the best way to get your ex back after a breakup.

Even well-known experts like dating coach Michael Fiore (http://michaelfiore.org) have embraced using text messages to reunite couples after a breakup. His program Text Your Ex Back is one of the most popular and sought-after guides on the subject. You can learn more at http://newspapercat.org/michael-fiore-text-your-ex-back-review-a-new-relationship-at-your-fingertips/.

Benefits Of Text Messages

An excellent article from Psychology Today explores the rise of texting in relationships through the lens of science. The observed impacts of the practice on romantic relationships sheds some light on why texting can be a useful medium for couples, and many of these points are extra applicable to helping rekindle a relationship.

In the article, they outline three key benefits derived from text messaging. The first benefit is that texting is much less spontaneous than verbal communication. When you text, you have some time to read and mentally digest each message and then take your time formulating your reply. This can be especially helpful when negotiating with an ex or trying to sort out relationship issues.

The second benefit highlighted in the article is the lack of nonverbal signals in text messages, which allows users to communicate their intended message without worrying about nervous tics, an odd demeanor, or other undesirable undertones of body language. Lastly, they cite the ease of texting compared to the relative complexity of in-person verbal communications.

These benefits can help anyone navigate a potentially awkward social situation – like reestablishing contact after a breakup, or mending emotional wounds towards starting anew. A further benefit highlighted by the article is the lack of physical proximity – the distance between participants often opens them up to communicating things they would not in person.

One final point is that texting tends to create a “cycle of mobile relationship maintenance” whereby partners feel obligated to reply to each other’s texts. This creates a type of “endless” back-and-forth communication. This cycle is especially important for newer relationships and can play a pivotal role in establishing a relationship.

The Approach

Putting the inherent benefits of texting outlined above to good use can be a launching platform for reigniting your relationship. First, always take your time in composing your messages and interpreting your exes. Have the courage to address difficult issues which might be too sensitive to bring up in person.

But above all, be someone worth texting: establishing the cycle of communication is step one to getting back in touch and can often be a direct conduit to the early phases of a romantic relationship.

But wait…

Before you fire off that first text message, think long and hard about if getting back together is really the thing to do. A study on personal growth after termination of a relationship showed how a breakup can actually be a positive force in someone’s life. Maybe yours?