When you hear “Stroke of Genius”, what comes to mind?   There’s a golfing movie called Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius featuring Jim Caviezel and Claire Forlani.  For those who play Magic: The Gathering, there’s a Stroke of Genius playing card.  Then, there’s the definition of stroke of genius which basically equates to having a brilliant idea.  But none of those is the stroke of genius I’m referring to today.

The Stroke of Genius I’m referring to is a new online course by Cassidy Lyon, Michael Fiore, and the expert relationship advice team over at Digital Romance, Inc.  This is the same team behind best-sellers like Text Your Ex Back, Text The Romance Back, Text Your Wife Into Bed, Language of Desire, and the Secret Survey.  They usually come out with one or two new ones every year, and they’re always great!

So what is the Stroke of Genius by Cassidy Lyon and Michael Fiore?

Well, to say it bluntly, it’s all about handjobs!  It teaches women how to touch a man’s private parts in ways that make him feel connected and addicted.

Cassidy was inspired to create this program for women due to her very own handjob horror story experience.  That experience led to a lot of “hands-on” experimentation and research.  She also spent a lot of time surveying men and women about handjobs.

What she found was kind of crazy.  As it turns out, the majority of women think they are great at giving men handjobs.  Yet, the majority of men she surveyed said their wives and girlfriends were “mediocre”, “incompetent”, and just plain “horrible” at giving handjobs.

When Cassidy followed up and asked these same men if they ever tell their wives and girlfriends what they really think about the handjobs they receive, there was a resounding, “No way!”  Why?  Because the men felt if they told the truth, their wives and girlfriends would get upset, take away sex for months, or just plain stop touching them “down there” at all.

Seeing this disparity in how men and women perceived handjobs, Cassidy knew she had to do something about it.  So she took everything she learned and created the Stroke of Genius: The Ultimate Handjob Handbook.  It’s the ultimate resource on everything men want women to know about handjobs, but are too afraid to tell them.

What’s covered in the Stroke of Genius?

Well, a lot!  It talks about how handjobs make men feel, why women should want to give men handjobs to strengthen their relationships, goes over penis anatomy and all the sensitive and arousing areas you can touch (yep, it’s more than just a head, shaft, and balls), talks about what you can learn from a guy’s masturbation ritual, and provides a 6 phase method for giving a man the most amazing and unforgettable handjob ever.

Phase 3 is the best part because that’s where Cassidy teaches you all the different handjob techniques you can use to stroke your man’s penis.  There’s basic techniques, advanced techniques, and even some dirty talk tips.  Most men have never been touched by a woman in this way.  If you’re the woman who does, he’s absolutely going to LOVE you for it and fall for you HARD!

Be sure and watch this video where Cassidy talks about her program and all the different handjob techniques.  She explains it all so much better than I can!