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Get her addicted to you!

When the Girlfriend Activation System was first released, it transformed the way men approached women and dating.  Guys began to understand how the female mind worked and put themselves in a better position to connect with girls they previously considered out of reach.

The author, Christian H., has recently created a brand new version of the Girlfriend Activation System (V2) that helps guys attract stunning women and turn them into loyal, loving, and committed girlfriends. Although I found the original version of the Girlfriend Activation System extremely informative, the new version is packed with more in-depth techniques that will completely transform your game and will help you date women you might consider out of your league.

If this is your first time hearing about the Girlfriend System or if you don’t really know much about it, I recommend reading the Girlfriend System review over at  It covers the program from top to bottom, including all of the bonus materials and the optional Ten Code training.  It’s also fully updated for the newest version, GFAS V2.

I came across  a lot of crummy GFAS reviews when I was researching the program, and I was lucky enough to find the one at Newspaper Cat.  It’s really the only Girlfriend Activation System review I can wholeheartedly recommend because those guys really dig deep with their reviews, and it’s obvious they’ve actually bought the course and know what they’re talking about.

You might come across the terms “Girlfriend Activation System”, “Girlfriend System”, and “GFAS” when reading about the program, but don’t let that confuse you.  They all refer to the same thing.  If you see a “V2”, that simply refers to the newest version of the course.

The Basics Of The Girlfriend Activation System V2

If you have ever purchased a product or membership promising to teach you how to attract women, you might be hesitant about getting another one. One of the reasons I can say this program is unlike all the rest is the amazing video format. This is not your typical e-book or monthly subscription plan!

The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS), is a much more interactive platform, putting you front and center in Christian’s comprehensive closed-door seminar.  I found that this training model makes it much easier to connect with and understand the teachings.

When you purchase your membership for the Girlfriend Activation System, you are sitting front row at a seminar instructed by Christian in which he teaches his dating techniques to a small, select group of men who paid top-dollar to attend his personal training session. One thing I especially enjoyed here is that you get all the benefits of this expensive training seminar for a very small fraction of what the attendees paid.  Plus, you can re-watch all the videos and go through the course as many times as you want to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Christian reveals that women are basically obsessed with literotica. You know, those best-selling romance books women can’t seem to get enough of for some reason.  He teaches you how to activate the part of her brain that is obsessed with these stories, and have her emotionally and sexually connect with you. I found the fact that women spend as much on literotica as men pay for pornography incredibly interesting and it’s easy to see why incorporating some of those ideas into the Girlfriend Activation System to make women addicted to you makes sense.

Before watching the 23 videos in version 2 of the Girlfriend System, I really had zero idea what a woman’s obsession story was.  Basically what I discovered after signing up was that every woman is born with her own obsession story, the same story-line that often plays out in all those erotic romance novels women buy like crazy.

Some women secretly like to be dominated, some like to experiment with multiple partners, some want you to move fast, others require much more time, patience, and romance, and some are super sexual while others want to develop a much stronger emotional connection before they’ll sleep with you.  Every woman is unique, yet they are all driven by the same evolutionary instincts and urges.

Being able to utilize the teachings in the GFAS gives you the opportunity to not only identify her unique obsession story, but also use it to your advantage to turn her into the incredible girlfriend you want her to be. As much as I never gave this subject any thought previously, it makes perfect sense.  Christian probably explains it a lot better than I can though.

What’s Included In The Girlfriend Activation System?

Inside the Girlfriend System’s step-by-step video training seminar, you will discover all the best tips and techniques to create incredible attraction with the woman you most desperately want and how to easily advance through each phase of the dating process until she’s your girlfriend.

The extensive and systematic dating techniques taught by real dating coaches mean you won’t have to settle for just any girl anymore, and you can actually be with the hot girl you really want. Regardless of your past history with women, no longer will you get nervous, confused, or embarrassed when you finally find that one amazing girl you really want to connect with.

One of the reasons I found the program so effective was the way Christian teaches his dating techniques.  Start watching these videos and you feel as if Christian is taking you by the hand and walking you through every possible scenario concerning dating.  I enjoyed the step-by-step approach he takes to turning a woman into your girlfriend.

These techniques are not simply jotted down in some e-book where you are left to try and determine the proper way to implement them and how she will react. During each video, many of the techniques are demonstrated on female members of the audience who were not coached on what to do as these techniques were applied to them. The responses these women make, and the feedback they give as to why they responded the way that they did, finally gives guys the opportunity to see the female brain in action.  Getting a female perspective is definitely a plus!

Speaking of male and female perspectives on dating, take a quick time-out and watch this video.  Funny stuff!

While the new version of the Girlfriend Activation System is packed with 23 videos, you also still have access to the original 6 part system from GFAS V1.  Watch these videos in order to learn how to first build attraction with the girl of your dreams during that initial encounter, then asking her out on a date, taking it to the bedroom, and finally initiating that commitment to start a loyal and loving relationship.

What To Expect From GFAS

Here is just a short synopsis of what to expect when you purchase your own Girlfriend Activation System:

During day one, Christian explains a little about himself and gives some examples of how he failed miserably when it came to dating. He shows how his life changed when he discovered how to identify a woman’s obsession story. Once you understand how to become an obsession worthy man, you move into the masculine power video and learn how to develop the masculine traits women are obsessed with.

After a quick question and answer session with some of the females from the demonstrations, the course covers sexuality, how to be a challenge for her, and the importance of being genuine. Dominance and being “boyfriend material” are areas where many guys miss the mark, and I found these two videos especially helpful in transforming my image and connecting on a deeper level with women.

The second day of filming is covered by the remaining 11 videos, starting with a brief summary of what will be discussed from here on out. The seminar continues with techniques for making a lasting impression with girls and discusses how to use the King Game to ramp up your value in a woman’s eyes.

Along with Christian, many other dating experts also cover their areas of expertise.  For example, dating expert Nick Sparks takes over the reigns and explains how to approach women and make a great first impression every time. Christian is back in front of the audience in the next video, showing you how to spark up a conversation with any woman, anywhere, anytime. I found this information especially helpful, because you never know when you might bump into an attractive woman. Rather than fumbling for some pick-up line and falling flat on your face, the techniques discussed in this video will have you ready to grab her attention in a moments notice.

One video in particular that I must say could help many guys out there who feel they missed a chance with the girl of their dreams discusses how to reset your image if you are currently stuck in a woman’s “friend zone”. Despite all your efforts, once you are resigned to the dreaded friend zone, it can feel impossible to get out.  This one video will be a big help if you feel more like one of her girlfriends who she tells all her problems to than a man she feels sexually attracted to.  Turn the tables, reset your image using the Girlfriend Activation System techniques, and have her falling all over you instead.

The remainder of the videos go into detail about passing her inspection (you might know this as “being tested by a woman”), planning the perfect first date, social dating, escalating to sex, and creating intimacy.  Also included in the Girlfriend Activation System are some very beneficial bonus materials that help you fine tune your skills through things like sexual texting tips, conversation starters, confidence builders, and a formula for developing endless conversations with women.  This program really over delivers.

After completing the Girlfriend Activation System program, you will possess the power to not only make conversation with beautiful women, but also create the attraction and sexual tension that will make her want to be with you.  I recommend that you take the time and watch each video in order, then slowly develop techniques at a comfortable pace so the next time an incredibly sexy angel walks into your life, you are in complete control of the situation and know exactly what to do and say to turn her into your girlfriend.