Best Berries For Fat Loss And Muscle Gain

Berries – a fat loss and muscle building powerhouse!

Figuring out what to eat to lose body fat and gain muscle can be a challenging proposition. There’s quite a bit of conflicting information out there coming from a number of dubious sources, so it’s best to stick to programs with a proven track record like Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet.

In this digital age, a lot of people who are looking to drop excess weight and get fit are overwhelmed by the amount of misinformation present on websites that don’t do their research. And, of course, some sites are only interested in marketing their own products, and could really care less about providing their users with high quality information that is actually useful.

While the best way to lose weight and build muscle will always be an ongoing debate amongst experts, there are several different foods highly regarded for being incredibly effective at both burning fat and building muscle.

Let’s briefly discuss a few of them:

1. Berries

So small, yet so incredibly powerful! Berries are some of the most effective foods you can eat if you’re looking to get rid of excess weight and build muscle at the same time.

Berries are also amazing antioxidants that reduce your chances of heart disease and even cancer. They are also incredibly delicious, so fill your diet with as many of these superfoods as you can.

2. Fish Oil

If you’re looking for foods to help you lose body fat and gain muscle, consider fish oil. Fish oil is one of those miracle foods that can accomplish all sorts of incredible things in your body. It reduces inflammation and it decreases your body fat while providing your body with energy and the building blocks for muscle protein synthesis.

There are a number of highly effective fish oil supplements on the market. A simple Google search will provide you with a detailed look at the differences between them and a number of useful user reviews.

3. Red Meat

I know, it’s counter-intuitive, but the simple fact is that red meat is rich in all sorts of incredible vitamins and nutrients. It’s an excellent source of creatine, iron, zinc, B12, and protein.

It can also provide you with omega-3 fatty acids if you go out of your way to purchase grass-fed steak. Top sirloin is also low in fat, which makes it one of the best cuts of beef you can buy if you’re looking to both lose body fat and build up your muscle.

4. Nuts

Nuts make a great snack, and they’re an excellent source of many nutrients your body needs, like vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and fiber. Additionally, certain nuts (such as almonds) are known to naturally decrease your body’s ability to absorb fat, which makes them an excellent post-workout food.

5. Oranges

We all know oranges contain high levels of vitamin C. But did you know oranges are also incredibly high in magnesium (which naturally lowers your blood pressure), as well as antioxidants and beta-carotenes?

Stay away from the processed junk you find in the frozen foods section of your local supermarket. Instead, buy all-natural, organic oranges and invest in a small juicer to get the most out of this delicious and refreshing superfood.